Selected Theoretical, Critical Studies: Publications, Presentations

“Luminous Etudes: Visions of the Black Madonna of Montserrat-Sound and healing-The bio-mechanisms of vibroacoustics”  Keynote Address for UCIrvine Symposium for Medicine and the Humanities (2016).

“The Porous Process of Re-creation: Anne LaBerge’s brokenheart (2016). Book Chapter Proposal for Collection of essays on Electroacoustic music, Miller Puckette, Editor. Oxford University Press (2016).

“The International Women’s Electroacoustic Listening Room Project” (2013) Presented at UCSD Festival,   University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Presented at the SPARKFEST, University of Minnesota, 2006)Presented at BIMHUIS, Musikgebauw, AmsterdamPresented at IAWM Annual Congress, Miami, Florida.Published in econtact journal

“The Influence of Technology on Compositional Thought” (2003)

  • Selected through international competitive peer review
  • International Conference on Technologies and Music, IRCAM, Paris, October, 2003
  • Published in Resonances, IRCAM

“The Concept of “Presence” in Pauline Oliveros’ Rose Moon” (2002)

  • Presented at the Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik, August 15, 1994
  • Presented at Bowling Green, Festival of Art and Music, October 18, 1995
  • Presented at American Music/American Women Festival, Boulder, March, 1995
  • Published, in peer-reviewed International Journal: Musik Texte, January 1999
  • Published in Contemporary Music Forum, Fall 2002

“The Sexton Cycle: Text, Technology and Transcendence” (2002)

  • Presented at the National Women’s Studies Conference, CSUF, March 21, 2002

“Fragmented Narratives: Assessment and Assemblage of Compositional Voice” (1999)

  • Presented at Composer’s FOCUS Forum, UCSD, October 25, 1999

“Compositional Algorithms and Composer’s Creative Thought: The Implications of Brian Ferneyhough’s Process of Composition”, (1999)

  • Presented at West Coast Conference of The Society of Music Theory, Stanford University, April 15, 1999, solicited for Publication, Ex Tempore

“Schoenberg’s Crisis of Expressionism: Reflections on the Feminine in Erwartung” (1998)

  • Presented at West Coast Conference of The Society of Music Theory, Seattle, Washington, April 10, 1998

“The Perception and Projection of Various States of Time in My Compositional Work” (1997)

  • Presented at UCBerkeley, Guest Composer Lecture, March 8, 1997

“Form and Content in Debussy’s Etude Pour les Sonorites Opposees” (1997)

  • Presented at West Coast Conference of the Society of Music Theory, UCSB, Santa Barbara, California, April 15, 1997

“Issues of Time and Form in Compositional Theory: Reflections on the Body” (1994)

  • Presented at Negotiating the Faultlines-Feminist Theory 3, UCRiverside, April, 1994